Singles Guide to Surviving Valentines Day


Are you single and planning to spend this February 14th alone? Does the thought of Valentine’s Day make you want to call in sick to work and spend the day eating triple chocolate ice cream from the container while watching a love story movie marathon on Lifetime?  We all know that Valentine’s Day is a day focused on couples.  With everything from roses, mushy greeting cards, boxes of chocolates and romantic candle lit dinners for two. All painful reminders you are indeed SINGLE. Don’t fall into that pit of depression after all it’s just ONE day and being single isn’t the end of the world. So get up and embrace the day and enjoy being single there are a lot of things you can do alone.

     Treat yourself to a movie. Just think you get to see the movie you want with no argument or negotiations needed. You can have popcorn with or without extra butter and get Reese’s pieces instead of M&M’s…go ahead…it’s your choice.

Spend the day at beautiful Crystal Bridges. There is so much to see in one place you’ll forget all about what day it is. There is even a restaurant on site if you want to stay for dinner.

Weather permitting head outside and hit the trails. NW Arkansas has some very nice bike trails you can spend the day on a nice long peaceful bike ride. If hiking is more your thing… you’re in luck there are plenty of hiking trails to enjoy in NW Arkansas as well.

Go shopping …no I don’t mean Wal Mart!! Check out one, two or ten of the flea markets and antique stores located all over NW Arkansas. Who knows you might find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for yourself.

Got friends that are also single? Get together and throw your own Anti-Valentine’s Day party.  Yes an Anti-Valentine’s party, all you have to do is invite your single friends over for a gathering to celebrate being single together.  Make it a potluck dinner and have everyone bring their favorite comfort dish. Add a bottle of wine and a couple side splitting comedy movies and you’ve got the perfect Anti-Valentine’s Day party. If you’d rather the party could hit the town and show couples that being single doesn’t mean you have to stay home with remote in one hand and a spoon in the other. Grab some dinner and hit a local club afterwards for music and dancing.

However you decide to spend Valentine’s Day have fun!!



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Blog Challenge- I’m a bit behind 2015

Yes, I’m still among the living, and attempting rejoin the writing. I’ve gotten behind once again but this time I was almost afraid I’d never make it back. I just didn’t have the …I don’t know how to describe it. I wanted to write…or at least I thought I did, but for some reason it hasn’t been happening. I could go on and on about how busy it’s been at work (believe me it has) I have been sick (but I’m better now) I’ve been preoccupied by other things going on in my life, school, family, weather…ect …ect …ect. All of the above are true, but poor excuses for me to ignore my passion to write.

Then it hit me…yesterday or maybe the day before I was cruising around Facebook and found a few quotes that sparked something. I could feel it…the urge to write. So today I’m running around playing catch up and am going to share the quotes in hopes they might jump start someone else.

*If you really want to write you’ll find the time.

* It’s all about prioritizing. If you’re not prioritizing your writing, you’re not a real writer.

* You have to make sacrifices to be a writer.

* Just write it!

Plain and simple but really got me going. So, instead of hanging out here, I’m going to grab my notebook and pen and WRITE something.

Happy Writing Ya’ll!!


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Blog Challenge-March 2015

life_will_always-40683Yes, I know I’m way late with my March blog and have now missed my April blog…but I’ve been less than eager to write anything let alone a blog. Just as I was getting over the loss of my step dad in early October I was dealt a sucker punch. My long time best friend died of a stroke in early December. The news rocked me to the core…I had just talked to her a few days earlier. I couldn’t fathom her really being gone. I held her son and her mother trying to comfort them and find a bit of comfort for myself. I had trouble looking into the eyes of her young grandsons who were going to grow up without knowing how truly amazing she was. I know God had a greater plan for her but I still couldn’t grasp she was gone. There were many times I’d think of something and reach for the phone to call her….then remember…she’s not going to answer.  I couldn’t sleep, I went about my life for months in a fog, trying to make sense of it all, worst of all feeling like I had failed her somehow as a friend. Writing was the furthest thing from my mind…if it wasn’t something for school I wasn’t writing it. That is until that nagging little voice started screaming for me to pick myself up and get my head back into it. It said that I need my writing and my characters need me writing. Then one day it hit…a story idea. Not just any story idea…her story…our story. It’s hard to explain and proving even harder to write. But, it’s the story she wants me to write and the story that I’m going to write. Hopefully be able to share bits of it soon… until then I’ve got to get back to living and writing.  Missing you E.

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Review: Hearth Seach-Betrayal by Carlie M.A. Cullen


Heart Search-Betrayal

Author: Carlie M.A. Cullen

Available on Amazon:

Publisher: Myrddin Publishing

The last time I did a review for Carlie M.A. Cullen was for the second book in the Heart Search trilogy, Heart Search – Found. I’ve been patiently waiting for the third and final book so that I could find out what happened to my friends Josh, Remy and their new family. Just when I thought all was lost I got the email….it was finished and she wanted ME to read it for another review. She didn’t have to ask me twice I was more than happy to help a friend out. Carlie M.A. Cullen didn’t disappoint either. Heart Search- Betrayal was everything I was hoping for and so much more.

Don’t you just love a book that you know exactly what’s going to happen in the next chapter? Well, then this book isn’t for you. Just when you think you know what’s going to happen …BAM something else happens. I love a book that does that to me, it’s what keeps the pages turning. I like the challenge of figuring out what’s going to happen next and this book delivers page after page of twists, turns and sucker punches.

Josh, Remy and the twins are finally together as a family and building their own coven, was so glad to see them together, I’ve been pulling for them since book two. We discover that the little ones also have special powers of their own.

Betrayal has all the things that makes this a must read…vampires and not the sparkling kind, these are hard core vampires. A love story, after a long search Remy finds the love of her life and father of the twins, Josh who left trying to protect the woman he loved in book one. A mystery, who’s the one trying to bring trouble into the mix? Hostages, someone is held hostage, being used to gain leverage in the brewing battle. Characters you can’t help but care about, really how can you not care about the Heart Search characters? The author breathed life into them as she wrote this series. Each playing key roles within the pages of this trilogy.  A fight…BOY is there a fight, but you’ll have to read this one for yourself to find out how it turns out, and you’ll have to read it until the end to see if you had it figured out right.

Sink your teeth into Heart Search-Found for yourself.

5-fangsThank you Carlie for letting me part of your wonderful journey! I can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

Check out Carlie’s website:

Follow Carlie on Twitter:

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Blog Challenge-February 2015

70a406738d736dde2cdf2d0f68ab2e4aThe month of love has almost come and gone and I find myself running behind. I’m hoping everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day full of love. I enjoyed a home cooked meal with my mom and nieces. We exchanged traditional gifts consisting of chocolates, perfume and stuffed animals but best of all laughter and love. These three people are my world and cherish every moment I get to spend with them. I also spent time remembering loved ones no longer with us. A dear friend  that we recently lost spent many Valentine’s celebrating being single…we called it Anti-Valentine’s Day. We’d fix dinner, watch movies and laugh….oh how I miss the laughter.

However a couple old friends have come back into my life…one is writing. After a long dry spell I’m starting to hear the voices in my head…no I’m not crazy…it’s my characters telling me their stories they want to be told. I’m looking forward to seeing what they’ve in store for me. Oh, how I’ve missed having them around. The other is someone I’ve known for a long time but has been away for several years and is now back and….well….we’ll see what happens.


See ya’ll in March!!

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Heart Search- Betrayal Blog Tour… a bite …I mean excerpt

betrayal-front-coverServing up a bite of the scrumptious from the final book of the Heart Search trilogy….enjoy


“Sorry to interrupt this reunion, but what the hell has been happening here tonight? First we could see flames shooting into the sky, which rapidly disappeared and then we heard a loud splintering noise. Where has all this glass come from?” Iskra asked, obviously perplexed.
“Iskra, there’s nothing to be concerned about. Our son has a new gift and he’s been demonstrating it for us. This ‘glass’ is what’s left of a beech tree,” he gestured to the shards then pointed across the lawn, “and that pile of ash is all that remains of a large fir.” Joshua couldn’t hide his delight.
Both Farrell and Iskra’s eyes were wide and their mouths hung open. “Aidan did this?” Iskra whispered.
Yes, Iskra, I did, Aidan replied with pride.
“How? Can you show me?” Iskra implored, excitement dancing in her eyes.
Aidan nodded then turned to his father. Where this time, Daddy? Joshua led them across the vast lawn to the rear of the property until they were a few yards from a large bank of trees. Aidan then faced Iskra. What would you like to see – fire or ice-fire?
“Er . . . both?” Iskra looked completely bemused.
The little boy turned to face the wall of arboreal giants. His eyes scanned along the line to pick his targets and once chosen, he stared at his cupped hands once again and began to concentrate. Iskra moved to the side of him so she could see better and gasped when the fire ball appeared. Aidan allowed the sphere to cascade through the white/green/blue/gold spectrum and once it returned to the gold and orange flames, he threw it hard at a silver birch. The effect was exactly the same as when he assaulted the fir. Within a couple of minutes, all that remained was a smoky pile of ash.
Aidan continued to concentrate and produced the ball of white fire which he tossed at a huge oak a few yards away. Please back away everyone. Right back. Everyone did as he said. Once he was satisfied all were safely out of danger, Aidan again asked his father to pick a stone and throw it at the tree. Joshua did as he was requested. Again, a loud crack echoed around the grounds and the oak disintegrated into lethal-looking shards which fell just short of where everyone stood.
“Oh. My. God. I’ve never seen anything like this in all my eight hundred and twenty years. Pavel won’t believe it when I tell him!” Iskra was in a heightened state of shock and excitement rolled into one.

Want more??  Get your copy now:

Check out the trailer for Heart Search- Betrayal.

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Interview with Heart Search trilogy author Carlie M.A. Cullen

cover 2 cropped I’ve once again had the pleasure of sitting down and catching up with author of the Heart Search Trilogy Carlie M.A. Cullen. She’s just released the final book of the series Heart Search book 3 Betrayal.

Hi Joy! It’s great to be here with you today. Please be gentle with the questions – I’m suffering from jet lag 

Thank you for taking time from promoting Heart Search- Betrayal. It’s good to see you again!

How does it feel to have finished the final book of the Heart Search series? I’ve got mixed feelings really. I’m excited and proud of what I’ve achieved, but saying goodbye to the characters is actually quite emotional. They’ve lived in my head for so long now that they’ve become like part of the family in a way and walking away from them is like a bereavement. So really I guess it’s a mixture of sadness and elation.
Give us a look at this story …without giving it away of course. We want people to read to find out for themselves. Well, for those who read book two: Found, you’ll know there was something a bit dodgy going on at the end. Betrayal picks up where Found left off. There is a traitor in the manor who is giving information to someone with a massive grudge against those who inhabit Clavemont Hall. Someone from the house goes missing and a massive search ensues which endangers some of them. Remy discovers her gift and it’s a rather unusual one. Jakki’s predictions become scarily accurate and the covens learn to trust what she says without question. Liam’s coven attacks both houses, but although the covens are prepared, the sheer number begins to overwhelm them and there are unbelievable losses. Who will survive and will the traitor be unmasked?

What has been the overall response of readers? I’ve received some great reviews for both books. Readers like the originality of the storyline and unique delivery. They seem to love the characters, although a number of them have taken to either Remy or Joshua more because of their stories. Overall, it’s been very positive and I’m hoping everyone thinks I’ve given them a great book to finish the trilogy with.

Do you have a favorite book in the series? If so, which one and why?  Now that’s a hard one, Joy. I love all three of them for different reasons, but I can’t honestly say I have a favourite.

What did you learn from writing the series? I learned that I have the ability to write more than a single book and it’s given me much more confidence. It gave me the ability to hone my writing skills and how to pace the story. I also learned a great deal about characterization and how important it is to make your characters realistic and repeatable.

Which character do you relate to best? Why?  I think I relate to Remy best. She goes from being extremely happy to broken-hearted and almost rock bottom and she emerges a great deal stronger. She finds an inner strength she didn’t know she possessed and I think she finds herself along the way. I’ve been in a similar situation and made a journey where I became stronger and more resilient as a result.

Will any of the Heart Search characters be appearing in future works? There are no concrete plans at the moment, although it has been suggested that I consider writing a novella from Ashley and Aidan’s perspective, picking up from the age they are at the end of Betrayal and moving forward as they grow up. I’m considering it, but I have more solid plans for other books at the moment.

If you had a super power what would it be? Hmm, there are so many awesome ones to choose from. I think maybe teleportation might be a great one to have. Just think of where you could go and it wouldn’t cost a penny. No more expensive flights. It would be fantastic to be able to visit my many friends around the world without having to save up to pay for flights.

Why do you write? I love it! I’ve written from a young age and it gives me a creative outlet. I enjoy the escapism, creating different worlds, getting to know my characters, and plotting the story arcs. I love the genres I write in as they afford me such a huge scope in which I can let my imagination run riot. I can’t imagine my life without writing.

What is your favorite motivational quote for writers? I actually have two: ‘The unread story is not a story; it is little black marks on wood pulp. The reader, reading it, makes it live: a live thing, a story.’ By Ursula K. Le Guin, and ‘If you can tell stories, create characters, devise incidents, and have sincerity and passion, it doesn’t matter a damn how you write.” By Somerset Maugham.

Are you a plotter or pantster? Definitely a pantser! I tried plotting Heart Search: Lost and ended up throwing away my outline around chapter five and I’ve never plotted since.

Describe your writing style in 10 words or less. Intimate characterization, quite descriptive, with twisting plots.

What would you say the hardest part of writing a book is? Making sure you allocate time every day to write and not to allow yourself any distractions.

How do you keep the reader’s attention? I think it’s an overall package of creating characters readers can relate to and invest in, a good storyline, and a few twists and turns they don’t see coming.

Was there ever a point when you didn’t think you’d be able to write all three books?  Actually, no there wasn’t. My characters had taken up residence in my head and they took me on their journey. I was really the conduit who wrote it all down – well that’s how it feels in a way.

How can readers find out more about you?  They can visit my website at or my Facebook page I’m also on Amazon, Goodreads, Linkedin, and Twitter.

What are your plans now that this trilogy has ended? I’ve started writing my next book; it’s a standalone fantasy and I’ve written about 80,000 words of the first draft. After that I’m planning a seven-book fantasy series.

Thank you so much for inviting me here today, Joy. It’s been great chatting to you.

Thank you Carlie. I’m going to get back to reading Heart Search- Betrayal…I have to see what happens!!


Available on Amazon::
Publisher: Myrddin Publishing

Please feel free to leave a comment for Carlie ~she’d love to hear from you~

Check out Carlie’s website:

Follow Carlie on Twitter:

Stay tuned…more to come.

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