Clear As Mud

Platforming can sometimes be as clear as mud. Other times it’s more like dense London fog. It’s enough to make one mad as a hatter and keeps you as busy as a cat on a hot tin roof.  When all we really want is for it to be as easy as A.B.C. and clear as a bell.

They say to get your name out there as a writer and to become larger than life you need to blog, Facebook, twitter or is that supposed to be tweet on twitter?? Anyway we’re supposed to build our platform Ford tough. How do they (meaning those that know what they’re doing)keep up with it all? You have to be tough as nails and have nerves of steel…that’s how. Oh be as smart as a tack when it comes to all the platforming stuff. All of this makes my head pound like a drum and my eyes bleed(not really).

It can also cause the following side effects indigestion, hiccups, night sweats, nightmares, hives, twitchy eyes, road rage, restless leg syndrome, wrinkles. Sometimes your sick as a dog and turn white as a sheet. If any of these symptoms last for more than forever…keep calm you ARE a writer.

It all makes me want to consume a large amount of alcohol and go running through the streets with a sharpened pencil screaming about run-on’s, dangling modifiers, blogging, Facebook likes, tweeting or is twittering I never can get that straight as an arrow. I’m stubborn as a mule, so I’ll just keep working at is slow as a turtle until I get it figured out.


Until then Keep Writing!!


written for WordPress Weekly Writing Challenge


About Joy Keeney

I love the feeling I get when I put my pencil to the paper to write. I love the sound of the lead as it glides from the tip of the pencil onto the paper below. I'm scared to death of failure....also have a fear of actually succeeding. What a combo....I'm working on them both. I will only fail if I STOP writing! It's okay for me to write something that others will like. I've started to enjoy waiting for the reaction of the person reading my work. If they get goose bumps or reach for a tissue I know I'm on the right track!
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6 Responses to Clear As Mud

  1. Great blog! Joy, you are truely a wonderful person. Keep the bar high. I got alot of catching up to do.

    • Joy Keeney says:

      Thank you Rhonda you’re pretty terrific yourself! Gotta keep that limbo bar high…only way to get under it 🙂 No catching up necessary…we’re all in this together. Side by side and always there to lend a hand when someone stumbles along the way.

  2. Staci Troilo says:

    Lots of simile in there. Love the tongue-in-cheek tone. 🙂

  3. Hey Joy. This is one of those days when the media fog has cleared a little for me. Today I think I’ve found the secret to this platform building. 1) Do what you love 2) Try new things, you might find you love them.
    That’s it. If I hate it, I don’t do it. If I love it, I concentrate on doing that.
    Tomorrow I may well be holding my head, cussing facebook and bemoaning my fate as a marketing writer, but today is clear and bright.
    Terrific post by the way. Love the marketing references.

    • Joy Keeney says:

      Thanks for stopping in and commenting Pam. I’ve decided that one way or another I’m going to get this platforming thing tamed and have it bowing down to my greatness (insert roaring laughter here) I think I’m making a dent in this blogging stuff…I’ve blogged, completed a month long flashblog challenge, I’m doing weekly challenges with the girls and am participating in a blog tour. Facebook…piece of cake. Next mission…clip the wings of Tweeter….or is it Twitter? 🙂

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