#BlogFlash Halloween 2012

Out of the shadows a tall thin man dressed in black appeared without a sound. His pale weathered face shone brightly against the dark night. “Welcome to Hartsville Asylum,” he said and cleared his throat. “My name is Jesse. It’s my job to take care of things ’round here.” Jesse had a deep gravely voice like that of a lifelong three pack-a-day smoker.

Jesse fumbled through a large ring of keys clipped to his belt loop. After trying several of the tarnished pieces of metal, the heavy steel door strained to open with a loud groan in protest. Standing just feet away from the open door, Marie felt the all -too-familiar feelings. Her chest tightened, her breathing became restricted and her vision distorted: all signs of one of her ‘spells’ coming on. While these feelings had became normal for her, the suddenness and intensity with which they hit made her feel as if she were drowning and the sensations were like waves washing over her, threatening to swallow her.

Marie gasped and covered her mouth attempting to conceal the abrupt feelings of panic and regain control of her emotions. She felt there was something(or was it someone?) trying to keep her from entering the asylum.  It was at that moment she found herself wishing she had listened to the warnings and stayed home. She had been told stories by friends who had known former employees of the facility. They had warned her to stay away that it was too dangerous and that bad things sometimes happened to unwelcome visitors. However, due to her lifelong fascination with the paranormal and her desire to discover the truth for herself Marie knew she couldn’t pass up  what she was certain was a once in a lifetime chance. She was ready to see just what happened inside the infamous old asylum after the sun went down.

“Marie, are you okay?” her twin brother Scott asked. Despite their closeness and years of witnessing Marie’s spells he always found them unnerving.

“I’m fine Scott, just fine,” she whispered.

“Marie, are you going to tell them?”

“No and neither are you,” she snapped, giving her brother the look. “You know how people get when they find out.”

Marie had stared to have ‘spells’ as their grandmother always called them, at a very young age. She was told she was a sensitive because she could see and hear people that weren’t there. Early on she discovered that once others found out about her ability they treated her differently, always asking if she could see or hear people where ever they went. She’d made the decision long ago not to reveal her gift to anyone.

The group followed Jesse into the cold building, the only sound was that of their footsteps echoing through the halls and Jesse clearing his throat. Without warning, the caretaker stopped and turned.

“There ain’t bee a patient in these here walls in over thirty years, yet this is still a very active place. Remember you are guests here,so ya better make sure you show some respect to those that are here. They might be dead, but they got feelings. It’s been told that there are some here that will put you in your place dang quick if ya don’t.”

Happy Halloween!!

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About Joy Keeney

I love the feeling I get when I put my pencil to the paper to write. I love the sound of the lead as it glides from the tip of the pencil onto the paper below. I'm scared to death of failure....also have a fear of actually succeeding. What a combo....I'm working on them both. I will only fail if I STOP writing! It's okay for me to write something that others will like. I've started to enjoy waiting for the reaction of the person reading my work. If they get goose bumps or reach for a tissue I know I'm on the right track!
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9 Responses to #BlogFlash Halloween 2012

  1. That would be an interesting Halloween visit! Enjoyed this!

  2. joliedupre says:

    Enjoyed this! Thanks!

  3. Ooo I liked this! Sounds like my sort of outing! Lol 🙂 Happy Halloween! 🙂

  4. Great post Joy. Happy Halloween 🙂

  5. It sounds as though they have quite a night ahead of them! Great post, Joy – thanks for taking part!

  6. Really enjoyed the post, Joy! Thanks for taking part!

  7. Interesting visit. I want more. 🙂

  8. Joy Keeney says:

    Thanks for all the great comments!! This is a taste of a story I’m currently working on. It is in part based on a true story…the other part is pure imagination…hoping readers won’t be able to tell the difference once it’s done.

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