BlogFlash2013 Day 8 Chocolate


Ode’ to chocolate.
The whole world loves chocolate, well most of it anyway. I’m probably one of the few that can honestly say that they don’t. Don’t get me wrong…I like it, will eat it on occasion but life would go on without it.

I prefer carrot cake over chocolate cake, Reese’s Pieces over M&M’s and strawberry over chocolate milkshakes. I don’t have to have a big box of chocolate for Valentines or a chocolate bunny for Easter.

However…I have a weakness for Ghirardelli’s milk chocolate with Carmel bars.



About Joy Keeney

I love the feeling I get when I put my pencil to the paper to write. I love the sound of the lead as it glides from the tip of the pencil onto the paper below. I'm scared to death of failure....also have a fear of actually succeeding. What a combo....I'm working on them both. I will only fail if I STOP writing! It's okay for me to write something that others will like. I've started to enjoy waiting for the reaction of the person reading my work. If they get goose bumps or reach for a tissue I know I'm on the right track!
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10 Responses to BlogFlash2013 Day 8 Chocolate

  1. Well, my friend I do love chocolate a little more than you do. But i love you anyway! Now I gotta go eat some chocolate…

  2. I absolutely love chocolate – – which is probably why I wound up having to lose 100 lbs as shown in the video on my Day 5 – Health blog post at

  3. I have a friend who doesn’t like chocolate in our MahJong foursome. We just look at it as an opportunity to try all the OTHER fabulous desserts. 😀

  4. I think I am your polar opposite, but I do like me some Reeses pieces!

  5. Aria Glazki says:

    Think about it this way, you’re leaving more chocolate for those who do love it – and they’re leaving more of everything else for you!

  6. AKMamma says:

    OMG I love those bars! They are really good! I like chocolate but I have to be in the mood!

  7. I used to be like that. I didn’t like hot chocolate at all and didn’t understand why people would be so into it. But something has changed. I don’t know why and how, now I do really like chocolate. Maybe I could live my life without it, but now I’m quite okay with it.

  8. I’ve never had the pleasure of ‘Ghirardelli’s milk chocolate with Carmel bars.’. But feel I must ask my mad American friend, who goes home every summer, to bring me back a little treat. I love chocolate and the idea of trying something new is just too exciting!!

  9. I do love chocolate, but a great piece of carrot cake is a close second!

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