BlogFlash2013 Day 17 Water

The first week of Spring has proved to be very interesting here in NW Arkansas. With a rather mild winter behind us we had our sites set on sunshine mixed with the traditional spring storms. Instead we’ve had winter weather watches, warnings. On the second day of spring the temps were in the low to mid 40’s over much of the area…it was cloudy and dreary. As I sat at work looking out window I observed the following… snow flakes the size of VW Bugs, sleet, rain a tiny bit of sunshine thrown in just  to make sure we thoroughly confused. The temps dipped lower 30’s but remained above freezing…and then THUNDER and lightening…really…I’m not kidding you. We’ve had one form or another of water fall from the sky every day since. Welcome to spring 2013 in NW Arkansas.


Day 17 Water




About Joy Keeney

I love the feeling I get when I put my pencil to the paper to write. I love the sound of the lead as it glides from the tip of the pencil onto the paper below. I'm scared to death of failure....also have a fear of actually succeeding. What a combo....I'm working on them both. I will only fail if I STOP writing! It's okay for me to write something that others will like. I've started to enjoy waiting for the reaction of the person reading my work. If they get goose bumps or reach for a tissue I know I'm on the right track!
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6 Responses to BlogFlash2013 Day 17 Water

  1. Great post. The weather has indeed been strange. I’m so ready for sunshine and sprinkles.

  2. I really can empathise, Joy. In the UK we’ve got snow on the ground, biting winds, temperatures around freezing, and forecasters predict we’ll have this until Easter at least!! 😦
    Still, if putting up with this now means we’ll actually have a summer this year (instead of 2 dry days and little sun) then I, for one, am willing to put up with it (well, for a little longer anyway).

  3. Aria Glazki says:

    Oh, hang in there! I lived in Boston for a while, and a couple years ago we had snowstorm after snowstorm with over a foot of snow overnight each time, but spring did eventually come! 😉

  4. That reminds me of a thunderstorm a few years ago, in January, how odd! Look on the bright side. At least you didn’t just get 10 inches of snow (no kidding, last week in Edmonton – terrible!)

  5. The weather in the UK has been strange too. We’re supposed to be enjoying Spring but are covered in snow at the moment. Hopefully it will be gone by Summer!

  6. So it’s not just us then, over in the UK that is suffering this awful prolonged winter. it’s so distressing watching the news with farmers pulling sheep from the drifts. When the big thaw finally arrives, I’m sure the water will bring new misery. Hope your spring weather turns up very soon. x

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