#AprilPrompts Day 3 Birthday

#AprilPrompts Day 3 Birthday

#AprilPrompts Day 3 Birthday

Today’s prompt came at the perfect time. Sunday April 7th is the birthday of the most important person in my life, past, present and future…My Mom! She’s been there for me from day one and I can never thank her enough for everything she’s taught me and done for me along the way. She was there for all my firsts in life, first words, first steps, first day of school, first broken heart and recently first published short story.

She taught me right from wrong…yes it is wrong to crawl out your bedroom window to ride your tricycle instead of taking a nap(age 5)! It is also wrong to sneak your car out after everyone has gone to sleep to cruise with friends(age 16). She also showed me the proper way to toilet paper a house without being caught.

She endured hours clarinet practice. She  attended all band events, battled difficult teachers. Played the role of both parents while keeping the piece between battling sisters. She held me and comforted me when my best friend died. She stood proud on my graduation day. She taught to laugh, that it’s okay to cry, to be proud of who I am and to keep writing.Happy Birthday Mom!!

#AprilPrompts hosted by Carlie M A Cullen  and Donna L Sadd


About Joy Keeney

Joy Keeney enjoys the sound of words swirling from her pencil to the blank pages below. She has the passion for creating stories that send chills down the reader’s spines and those that touch their hearts. Her first short story Legend of Dark Mountain was published by High Hill Press in the anthology – Bigfoot Confidential – Finally the Truth Revealed in 2012. Joy contributed dozens of featured articles to a local online magazine between 2011-2013. Joy is an award winning author who is currently a full-time student working on a BA in Creative Writing at SNHU and writing her first novel.
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3 Responses to #AprilPrompts Day 3 Birthday

  1. Joy, what a lovely tribute to your mom! It must have been tough, especially for her to raise you and your sister on her own. My mother did the same. To see you published must have thrilled her! Here’s wishing your Mom a healthy, splendid, spectacular birthday! (Thanks for posting too.) :0)

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  3. What a wonderful dedication to your mum! I hope she has a wonderful birthday 😀

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