#AprilPrompts Day 10 Loss

#AprilPrompts Day 10 Loss

#AprilPrompts Day 10 Loss

On April 12,1987 I lost my best friend. She was a senior in high school and I was a junior… it was the worst day in all my sixteen years. Just a few weeks before she would have graduated she got sick and went home early from school on Thursday and died three days later. Even after twenty-six years I remember that day like it was yesterday.

Gone but never forgotten

Gone but never forgotten

Today April 12,2013 our family is dealing with another loss. The local electric company decided to remove any and all trees within  20ft of the power lines. This includes about twenty trees on the block where my mother lives. Today the men showed up with chainsaws in hand and started the butchering of the huge maple tree in her front yard. No more shade, no more bird or squirrel feeders for my nieces and nephew to watch, everyone is feeling the loss. The three men worked all day, leaving bits and pieces of our beloved tree scattered about. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to finish in one day.

Okay…no more tears…today is nearly over and tomorrow is a new day filled with new memories to be made …good bad and otherwise.

#AprilPrompts hosted by Carlie M A Cullen  and Donna L Sadd


About Joy Keeney

Joy Keeney enjoys the sound of words swirling from her pencil to the blank pages below. She has the passion for creating stories that send chills down the reader’s spines and those that touch their hearts. Her first short story Legend of Dark Mountain was published by High Hill Press in the anthology – Bigfoot Confidential – Finally the Truth Revealed in 2012. Joy contributed dozens of featured articles to a local online magazine between 2011-2013. Joy is an award winning author who is currently a full-time student working on a BA in Creative Writing at SNHU and writing her first novel.
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3 Responses to #AprilPrompts Day 10 Loss

  1. Joy, I’m at a loss for words; this prompt doesn’t evoke anything good. My heart goes out to you. :0(

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  3. Joy, I’m sorry to hear you lost your best friend at such a tender age. Being so young death seems to stay with us for a life time. Death is never easy. But if you allow others the closeness of friendship it will become easier. No one can replace the friendship that you lost. But others can show you love and friendship will blossom again. Don’t be afraid to share your heart for the fear of losing someone. Friendship is a treasure that God gives us. As for the big tree, you have great memories there too,so honor the Maple and plant another.

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