Blog Challenge February 2014


This little piggy said “Yeehaw”

February is here and I’m still working on my 2014 goals.

January went by rather quickly but I was able to accomplish several of my goals.
I’ve decided that I write contemporary and paranormal fiction (this is subject to change without notice, depending on the voices in my head).
I have cleaned and organized my writing space…although I have to clean up after my characters on a daily basis…they are a messy group.
I wrote 1 of my 5 new short stories AND entered it in a contest. I’ve also started short story #2 already and #3 is dropping hints of what it wants to be.
I read a book…actually two books in January. I read, Clueless Gringos in Paradise and My Life with a Wounded Warrior both by Pamela Foster. Thank you for sharing your journey.

I signed up with a friend to take a memoir writing class – Your Story, Their Story Writing Workshop with Marilyn Collins  at the local library. It was supposed to start last week…but thanks to Old Man Winter wreaking havoc on NW Arkansas this past week it has been rescheduled to start this week.

And with this blog I’ve also managed to blog every month so far this year. Yes, I’m aware this is only the 2nd month but hey, gotta start somewhere.
So for now I’m off to work on some more of my list.


About Joy Keeney

I love the feeling I get when I put my pencil to the paper to write. I love the sound of the lead as it glides from the tip of the pencil onto the paper below. I'm scared to death of failure....also have a fear of actually succeeding. What a combo....I'm working on them both. I will only fail if I STOP writing! It's okay for me to write something that others will like. I've started to enjoy waiting for the reaction of the person reading my work. If they get goose bumps or reach for a tissue I know I'm on the right track!
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2 Responses to Blog Challenge February 2014

  1. Staci Troilo says:

    Off to a great start, Joy.

  2. You go Girl! Love the little guy. ;0)

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