Blog Challenge- May 2014

sorry-i-m-late-i-m-on-my-way-6Yes, I know that it’s May 25th and I’m just now posting my May blog. I’m running behind but in my defense I have really good reasons.

After being unemployed for nearly 9 months I decided to go back to school. So on March 3rd I started the 4 year journey to a BA in Creative Writing/English concentration in Fiction. Then on April 21st I started training for my awesome new job. I was juggling finals and job training for the first week and then starting my second term and three more weeks of training. I wrapped up my first term with a 4.0 and midway thru my second term I’ve got B’s in both Psy and Comp II but working to get them both up to A’s before the term ends. I’m finished with training and now rocking the customer care world with my amazing co-workers.

Now that things are calming down I’ve got to catch up with my list of goals for 2014.

1. Finish a novel before 2015(nothing new since Aug.)
2. Learn to write a query letter and a synopsis- for when the novel is done
3. Learn how to outline a novel (getting a taste of this in Comp II)
4. Find out who I am as a writer- what exactly is it that I write…what genre
5. Write a weekly ok let’s say monthly blog- 50-200 words on a picture we’ve picked out. (Caught back up for a few days)

6. Re-write my bio- Both a 50 word and a 100 word
7. Get organized & have a clean writing space (with homework and trying to write…my desk looks like a tornado tore across it…I’d say at least an F-4)
8. Manage my time better- less day dreaming…more writing!(Ummmm this one needs a lot of work…still need to figure out a routine.)
9. Find a meeting place for our writing group
10. Write 5 new short stories – any subject-must be NEW ideas 2,000-6,000 words. (I have written 1 and have ideas for 2…more)
11. Read 1 book per month – (I’m 4 months behind…but have them picked out to read during lunch at work)
12. Enter 2 writing contests- (entered 1…next)
13. Believe in myself as a writer- OMG this one is tough… doubting is easier.(This one is hard, I’m feeling a bit down about my writing…I think I’ve lost my mojo and fear that I’ll never get the characters to speak to me again.)
14. Attend a writing class, workshop or conference. (Done)
Looking over the list…I see I’ve made some progress…but still have so much left to do.



About Joy Keeney

Joy Keeney enjoys the sound of words swirling from her pencil to the blank pages below. She has the passion for creating stories that send chills down the reader’s spines and those that touch their hearts. Her first short story Legend of Dark Mountain was published by High Hill Press in the anthology – Bigfoot Confidential – Finally the Truth Revealed in 2012. Joy contributed dozens of featured articles to a local online magazine between 2011-2013. Joy is an award winning author who is currently a full-time student working on a BA in Creative Writing at SNHU and writing her first novel.
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