2015 Blog Challenge —-January


Happy New Year!!

I’ve decided not to look back at 2014 and try to decide where I failed and where I succeeded. Instead, I’m closing that door and putting one foot in front of the other and see what new adventures 2015 has for me.

I’m also determined that 2015 will be MY year, with my writing as well as my personal life. The only person that can make this happen is ultimately me, but even I know I can’t do it without the support of my family and friends. So get ready guys and gals here we go!

Another thing I’m doing different this year is my list of goals. The list is a fraction of last year’s list. Seeing that I’m working full time (and LOVING it) am a full time student (staring 7th term…woot woot!) and life in general a list of 15 goals would be insane. So….for this year my goals are as follows:

1. Write at last half of my novel

2. Write two short stories (4,000-10,000 words)

3. Read at least six books (not including those for school)

4. Write 250 word bio

5. Blog every month…and on time

This list I can manage….yes I can and I will!


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Blog Challenge 2014…Oct, Nov & Dec

Yes, I’m aware that I’m way behind on my blogs for 2014, in fact I’m so behind it’s kind of silly to be posting now. But, I’m going to do it anyway. I’ve had October and November written but I haven’t posted them. Life has been throwing me a few curve balls that I thought I had a handle on but in the end they had a handle on me. So, I failed to get them posted as planned. Now….on to my posts.

October 4241213cd489cf5092b77724c62549d5I crept across the cold hardwood floors, wishing I had bothered to put on my slippers. Instead, I pulled my fuzzy yellow robe tighter around me and glanced back at Lizzie who motioned me on from the corner where she stood guard. “Go on!” she hissed. I held my finger to my lips to silently shush her. The last thing I wanted was for Grams to catch me sneaking into the forbidden room at the end of the hall. Didn’t she know telling an eight year old to stay out only made them want to go see in more? What could be in there? Why was it the only room in the house that was off limits? My heart pounded so hard I was afraid Grams would hear it. I turned back to Lizzie for reassurance only to find her no longer at her post. Frantically I searched the darkness. That’s when I saw it. The light beaming out of the key hole at the end of the hall.



November brought a time of mending and of truly being thankful for those in my life. After loosing my step father in October the family faced going through the holidays without him. How could it be possible to celebrate when our hearts were still heavy? I discovered that it’s done with the love and support of others. Family and friends lending a hand when I needed a pick me up. A shoulder to cry on when the loss seemed more than I could bear. I learned who I could count on and who I could not. I’m thank God each and every day for those that have been there throughout this difficult time.


bba39bba608035ef69497c83d9c34e23Looking back at 2014 I see a long list of goals I set to accomplish before 2015 arrived. Was I able to check each and every one off the list? HA!! Not even close. Does this mean I failed? Yes, because the list wasn’t completed. But what was I thinking when I set such large goals….and 14 of them to boot? So, I didn’t really fail since I did try to make my way through each of them. I also learned an important lesson….it’s impossible to accomplish an insane list of goals while working full-time, attending college full-time and deal with normal day to day life with a few speed bumps thrown in. So, as I get ready to say goodbye to 2014 and welcome 2015 I’m working on a much more realistic list of goals.   Happy New Year’s everyone!!

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Blog Challenge -September 2014

018359587958b4d83b4e8f93da8839a3Yes I’m aware that my September blog is happening where my October blog should be but things in my world have been a bit crazy. Anyway…when I picked this months topic I had no idea how many new beginnings I would be faced with at the time. This was supposed to be a sweet blog about how as a writer we have new beginnings with new story ideas, new plots, new characters, twists and turns in a current WIP. Then if we’ve been able to type “THE END” a new kind of new beginning comes along the start to getting the story or novel published which if successful begins the marketing and sales. All of these can be new beginnings for a writer.

New beginnings are also part of our non-writing life. This year has been full of them for me some good….so not so much. After being unemployed for over 9 months and no new job in site I decided to go back to school and pursue a Bachelors in Creative Writing Fiction/English. So in March I enrolled and started college via online. In late April I finally got the call about a job and started working through a temp service and in mid-July I was offered a full-time position with company. Sometime over the summer someone I hadn’t seen in years came back into my life…an unexpected new beginning.

Unfortunately there are times when endings happen in our lives in order for beginnings to begin. This weekend I’ve been dealing with both an ending as well as a beginning and the pain is almost unbearable. My step father passed away ending his a long battle with illness and now our family is starting to figure out how to get through each day without him. With the love and support of family and friends we’ll get through this beginning one day at a time. e8fca63ee47e0cd214cc64f32d6a7b99

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Blog Challenge- August 2014

3f069b3877de406df4a307bbed8f0b3dDani Jansen is heading back home to Oklahoma from Colorado after spending the week in one interview after another, trying to beat the snow storm so she can pack up and be back in Colorado next week to spend Christmas with her family before starting her new job after New Years. The storm moves in faster than anticipated and Dani is now driving in blizzard conditions. She barely catches sight of the tree as it crashes across the road in front of her causing her to swerve and become stuck in a snow bank. As night falls, Dani finds herself stuck in the middle of nowhere with no cell service. But didn’t she see a cabin back around the corner? Surely whoever lives there would let her stay until morning when a tow truck can come and get her car unstuck….or will they?

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Blog Challenge July 2014

e65a3d5dd88e627911a7c83cd4909399Where is home? For Marco Keats this is home. Deep in the Colorado mountains Marco and his trusty dog Niko spend their time taking care of tourists. Giving guided tours, patrolling the park and searching for lost hikers. He’s got the dream job, he loves being outdoors, helping others. He’s got everything he could ever want. Well….almost…Marco is tired of being alone, he thinks he’s ready to settle down. But it’s hard to find the love of his life living in a remote area. Will the big winter storm change all of that? Stay tuned….this story has yet to be written

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Blog Challenge June 2014

Yes, I’m aware that it’s the end of the month AGAIN and I’m just rolling out my blog. I have a long list of excuses but no real reason so I’ll skip it and just get to the blog.

beach therapyIt’s that time of year…summer and everyone including myself is thinking of the perfect vacation. This is mine…a little bit of beach time…not the busy beaches full of sand castles, bikinis and surf boards. I want a nice quiet empty beach where I can kick back relax and enjoy a little beach therapy. Life has it’s way of keeping up hopping. I’m settled into the new job finally, I’ve just completed my second term in college and lived through my psych class dragging a tattered ‘A’ behind me and just started a new term. This time I’m only taking one class…creative writing!! So I should have plenty of time for beach therapy. I’d settle for one of these, beach sounds on the iPod and some serious writing time!

Have a great summer!!



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Blog Challenge- May 2014

sorry-i-m-late-i-m-on-my-way-6Yes, I know that it’s May 25th and I’m just now posting my May blog. I’m running behind but in my defense I have really good reasons.

After being unemployed for nearly 9 months I decided to go back to school. So on March 3rd I started the 4 year journey to a BA in Creative Writing/English concentration in Fiction. Then on April 21st I started training for my awesome new job. I was juggling finals and job training for the first week and then starting my second term and three more weeks of training. I wrapped up my first term with a 4.0 and midway thru my second term I’ve got B’s in both Psy and Comp II but working to get them both up to A’s before the term ends. I’m finished with training and now rocking the customer care world with my amazing co-workers.

Now that things are calming down I’ve got to catch up with my list of goals for 2014.

1. Finish a novel before 2015(nothing new since Aug.)
2. Learn to write a query letter and a synopsis- for when the novel is done
3. Learn how to outline a novel (getting a taste of this in Comp II)
4. Find out who I am as a writer- what exactly is it that I write…what genre
5. Write a weekly ok let’s say monthly blog- 50-200 words on a picture we’ve picked out. (Caught back up for a few days)

6. Re-write my bio- Both a 50 word and a 100 word
7. Get organized & have a clean writing space (with homework and trying to write…my desk looks like a tornado tore across it…I’d say at least an F-4)
8. Manage my time better- less day dreaming…more writing!(Ummmm this one needs a lot of work…still need to figure out a routine.)
9. Find a meeting place for our writing group
10. Write 5 new short stories – any subject-must be NEW ideas 2,000-6,000 words. (I have written 1 and have ideas for 2…more)
11. Read 1 book per month – (I’m 4 months behind…but have them picked out to read during lunch at work)
12. Enter 2 writing contests- (entered 1…next)
13. Believe in myself as a writer- OMG this one is tough… doubting is easier.(This one is hard, I’m feeling a bit down about my writing…I think I’ve lost my mojo and fear that I’ll never get the characters to speak to me again.)
14. Attend a writing class, workshop or conference. (Done)
Looking over the list…I see I’ve made some progress…but still have so much left to do.


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