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Clear As Mud

Platforming can sometimes be as clear as mud. Other times it’s more like dense London fog. It’s enough to make one mad as a hatter and keeps you as busy as a cat on a hot tin roof.  When all … Continue reading

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Day 8 of Blog Flash 2012

#BlogFlash2012: Day Eight – Relaxing Hmmm…relaxing…let me think.  This one is tough because I don’t have time to relax.  There’s my day job (6 days a week) 2 days a week I’ve got a writing class and or critique group … Continue reading

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Blog Flash 2012 Challenge

Look what I found!! Thanks Brinda Carey!! I’m a few posts behind but I’m going to try to catch up and then keep up (TRY being the key word…absolutely no promises!) Check it out and join the fun!! #BlogFlash2012 30 … Continue reading

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Testing my newly learned Trackback skills…

So here I am…trying to see if I’ve figured out this whole trackback mystery.  My critique group has been trying to build our platforms…HOLY COW is there a lot to learn. We’ve read books and articles on How to and … Continue reading

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